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The area of Edipsos has a special place in the mythology . The goddess Athena asked the god of fire , Hephaestus , to bring the earth's surface waters warm , water to soothe , to heal waters so the protege of the legendary hero Hercules comes to rest after each feat . The god Hephaestus did not spoil the sake of his beloved sister . Hit the divine hammer of the bowels of the earth and immediately sprang warm thermal waters .

In mythology , they settled first in Evia islanf and the ancient was the Curetes who brought the worship of Zeus . In honor of the temple built , which in it brought up Zeus and became the prison . After them came the Curetes Avantes predominated in Evia .

Edipsos participated from Istiea or Dio in fall of Troy. O geographer Strabo ( 63 BC - 24 AD ) describes the sources of the Baths as Ellopikes , by ELLOPIA , son of Jonah , who conquered all region with the rest Istiea . He makes reference to earthquakes of Edipsos , indicating that most part of Lihados islands and Cape Kinaiou sank , and the baths of Edipsos. The philosopher Aristotle ( 384-322 BC ) , the Meteorological his reference to the sources of Baths , says that the sea forms underground rivers and from this cause created the hot springs of Edipsos .

The region from the oldest times was known for chalkourgeia and perhaps justifies that was one of the few cities that have their own currency . This coin , which says King Ferraios the Charter , had engraved on one side and the other crab a fish , symbolizing the wealth of marine region. The St. Vyzantios refers to copper mines in Evia and near the famous " sword edipsikon " . historian Plutarch ( 50-125 AD ) describes the social life that had developed in the region, the ideal city and the fun , and brilliant diet with plenty of fish and birds . The historian also mentions that Edipsos for more than four centuries , the King of Macedonia by Antigonus Roman emperors Geta and Gordian flourished .

According to local folklore , the main island ( ancient name of Edipsos ) was only the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah , the city of sin , because the sinner's life passed guests there is even brought their destruction after flipping and sagging of the earth , and the subsequent appearance of hot water . The same tradition says the biblical destruction saved only a woman, Zacharaina or Goodness , together with the sow and her piglets , her own property , but disobeyed the divine command not to return to see the facts and punished with marmaroma in position, place names remained above the cemetery Aedipsou . Another tradition identifies finally Aidipso with Babel

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