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The thermal baths with the ingredients that contain are suitable for the therapy of various diseases and also for the revitalization and wellness of the body.


In north Evia are the small villages like Edipsos, Yaltra and Ilia witch are famous for its therapeutic springs. The thermal springs of Edipsos are among the most comprehensive in therapeutic ingredients and the most efficient worldwide. Nowadays in Edipsos there are more than 80 thermal springs, that their temperature is a average from 28 ° C to 80 ° C.


According to scientists the Spas in north Evia are ideal for the cureness of arthritis, rheumatism, spondyloathritides, lumbago, sciatica, traumatic deformities and ankylosis, imigraines, tendonitis, chronic gynecological diseases, vascular diseases, diseases of the endocrine cycle etc.



Spas are afford by the hydrotherapy Centre of Greek Tourism Organisation (EOT), as well as by private, fully organized and equipped Hydrotherapies. The Hydrotherapy Centre of Greek Tourism Organisation is one of the biggest and more modern one in Greece. It has original whirlpools, Scottish shower, open air pool, physiotherapy, fitness centre, mud therapy ect.


The hotel "THERMAE SYLLA" is distinguished especially for its deluxe services offering to the visitors. .


You can combine yours Spas with visiting at the landscapes of the area like the museums, the archaeological places, the monasteries and country - churches, the Holy temple of the Saint John the Russian, the castles, the trekking paths, the Horse riding Centers, the picturesque villages, the customs, the gastronomy, the winery, the agrotouristic houses, the local food and sweets such us olives,olive oil, figs, wine, tsipouro ect.

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