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Weekend in front of us and summer in general… so the baths in the sea and the excursions have their honor! Here we have a very nice idea with many options: Take good company and the car and go on an excursion to the nearby beautiful Evia ! Where, specifically? We give you 12 different beaches , exactly the most beautiful to choose from and enjoy your summer dives in enchanting landscapes. Are we going to meet them?


Gregolimano, an impressive beach of Evia

Gregolimano beach actually belongs to the homonymous settlement of North Evia. This particular beach is one that you do not often meet in Greece because of its shape. The waters are crystal clear and turquoise and the sand is golden and fluffy. It’s like you’re in some exotic destination.

At Gregolimano beach you will find clear and calm waters and a great view of the blue. Probably you’ll stay until nightfall to enjoy the sunset. On the beach, there is a little bit organized but it is good to have with you the necessary equipment to be able to enjoy the sun and the sea. This beach is a prime example of the beauty and impressive coastline that Evia offers you.



Chiliadou beach is a ‘flat’ beach with sand and pebbles of all sizes in central Evia, on the side facing the Aegean and connected to the foot of Mount Dirfi. It has a northerly orientation, so it is often exposed to strong winds. At the same time, at Chiliadou beach you will find a nudist beach. The nudist beach is separated from the normal beach in a very natural way since it has a large rock in front of it, and you will see a sign that says nudism. In the Central Evia



Kalamos beach consists of two beaches which are connected creating an impressive spectacle. On one side is the good beach and on the other the bad one, as the locals characterize them, as one is calm and suitable for diving, while the other is “wild”. If you approach the beach from above, the view will literally take your breath away. At your feet you will see a blue window stretching to the Aegean.



Vythouri beach of  Evia  attracts the interest of nature lovers while the sea, dark from the reflection of black pebbles and black coarse sand creates a unique landscape. So Vythouri has a very special feature. The sun is there in summer for barely six hours. It is a beach that has mostly shade during most of the day. In the Central Evia



The beach of Limnionas in Central Evia is a beautiful beach with pebbles but also with very dark sour-brown sand which during the day is hot and no one can walk on it barefoot. The sea is quite deep. In the first 4-5 steps in the sea you do not step. Also, like most beaches in Evia that “see” the Aegean, they have enough air and waves most days.In the Central Evia



Petali Beach in the heart of Evia is a wild beauty beach with sand and small pebbles on the Aegean side! The beach is quite wide and the route for our access is impressive! In the Central Evia



Beach of Dafni in Evia Island is a beautiful beach with pebbles and stones on the shore and bottom, with crystal clear waters of many springs that flow into the sea, the mountain Kantili (Kandili) located just above the beach. The beach of Dafni in Evia Island is a beach bar with a restaurant, while you continue the road up and turn left to reach the second beach of Dafni, where there is a tavern. The second beach is even more special as it is more picturesque, more small bay and surrounded by greenery. In Dafni beach don’t forget to get your mask with you, as the seabed is rich and has unique pebbles! 


Armyriki (Armyrichi)

Armyrichi beach (Some people call it Almyrichi incorrectly) consists of sand and small stones. Located in a bay and therefore it is relatively protected from the south and the North wind of the Aegean!



Thapsa beach is located in central Evia and is one of the most inaccessible beaches on the island. The Evia is famous for its beautiful beaches with characteristic turquoise color thanks to the green landscape that is reflected in the crystal clear waters. Thapsa beach is “buried” in nature and you have to cross a rugged dirt road to reach it. But do not consider it as an obstacle because the result will reward you



Zarakes beach is a very beautiful beach in South Evia that is bathed by the Aegean. It is a small bay but because it almost always has a lot of waves, breakwaters have been placed in the middle of the bay and so the water from there to the shore is almost always calm. On the beach there is coarse sand as at the bottom and the sea deepens relatively abruptly.



In the northern Gulf of Evia, between Kamena Vourla and Evia, there is a cluster of islands, which the locals call the Seychelles. It is Lichadonissia, a complex of small islands, which emerged after a great earthquake thousands of years ago. The beach and the waters in Lichadonissia are probably the most beautiful in the area. Golden sand and blue-green shades compose the landscape of the beautiful spot where you will enjoy your bath. The waters are relatively warm and shallow for several meters from the shore. There are sunbeds and umbrellas, but you should be there relatively early to get a good position as the beach is small and visitors, especially on the weekend, are many.


Agios Dimitrios

Taken as if from a dream, a movie scene, everything gathers, ends up in the deep blue of the Aegean, on the beach of Agios Dimitrios or Schinodavlia, in South Evia. To go to Agios Dimitrios, take the path from the homonymous village, crossing the beautiful gorge, along the ravine through which flows the small river of the area, and end, after a short hike, at the beach.



Korasida beach is a beautiful beach with pebbles that look like dragees and crystal clear blue-green waters (it is a perfect combination of mountain and sea). This beach is one of the most picturesque in Greece together with Kalamos. They are distinguished for their rare geographical location and their picturesqueness.


Porto pefko

The "Northern Evian Gulf" is probably the most beautiful gulf of the island. In the heart of this idyllic bay is a truly unique beach (the beach of Porto Pefko) with crystal clear waters and pure pine forest to create the atmosphere that will make your visit a complete experience!

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Chrisi akti

The Chrisi Akti (Gold Coast) can be found next to the Club Med premises. It is probably the most impressive beach in North Evia. It has fine sand and is organized. It is a meeting point for the younger visitors to the area. You don’t need to bring anything with you other than your swimsuit and your good mood.

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