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In the Northern Gulf of Evia , the reflection of the sun and the scent of jasmine embracing tenderly Edipsos.
The crystal clear waters and bright beaches await visitors to generously offer the ultimate in summer relaxation. In the shadow of Mount Telethrio Edipsos playing hide and seek with the sunshine and leaves the visitor to listen to the rustling of the breeze lighthearted.

The spas Aedipsou, is known from the ancient years . The spas have Aedipsou history of more than 20,000 years ! Mentioned by Aristotle and Strabo today are perhaps the most famous spa town in Greece .

The island of Evia is the second largest in Greece , and Crete is the largest in area. The reputation of Evia is great especially for the very beautiful nature. The famous name of Aedipsou was built mainly around its healing waters. These waters gush out at various points of the city and into the sea and close to beaches. Thousands of tourists ( Greek and foreign ) enjoy the beauties of Aedipsou. Today is one of the major tourist attractions in terms spa tourism.

Apart from the thermal waters, Edipsos offers because of the geography of an amazing opportunity for walking ( moderate and intense ).
Gorgeous Mediterranean forests hug the surrounding area and await decisive hikers to cross.


The goddess Athena asked Hephaestus , the god who tames the fire to create hot baths to go there Hercules resting after their labors . Hephaestus , thus fulfilling the desire of Athena , struck with the hammer of the rock Aedipsou creating at that point a thermal source whence sprang warm waters . Somewhat thus began the story of Aedipsou , which we meet later , through the writings of Aristotle, Plutarch and Strabo .Edipsos , due to the beneficial action of the hot springs , the resort has been important since ancient times. According to historical evidence , has experienced the pinnacle of its glory during the Roman times , the time you visit the Roman general Sylla . Finding relief in any condition that tormented him , benefited the city building where the first baths , whose ruins are preserved near the church of Saints Anargiron . Since then , spas honored many emperors : Romans like Augustus , Septimius Severus , Hadrian , Marcus Aurelius , and Byzantines , as Constantine and Theodosius .

The gratitude towards healing waters Aedipsou seen the sculptures and statues donated by the city. This golden period of the city but did not last for long. The end of the first period of prosperity occurred during the Byzantine era , when the thermal baths were abandoned or destroyed and were considered a pagan cult centers .In the 20th century a new neoclassical city built over the Roman , which was built over the ancient Greek , marking a new beginning. Hotels - luxury and non - erected and private spas unveiled as a result of increased attendance and the need for services . During the interwar period , Aidipso visited Onassis , Churchill , Greta Garbo and other designer personalities of the era . Samples of the great prosperity of the city are excellent buildings you see to be kept up to date on the promenade of Aedipsou.

The luxurious Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel ( operating since 1897 ) relocated , somehow , through a more modern treatment , the theme spa tourism not only in the region but also in Greece . The Thermae Sylla Spa is built on a set of natural hot springs thermometalic Aedipsou where the water gushes through the rocks from a depth of 3,000 meters , at about 75 degrees Celsius . Designated relaxation and rejuvenation , then and now, has an interesting proposal wellness and alternative therapy for all time the visitors, who so far has not found a corresponding imitators in other tourist facilities .

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