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With fantastic nature, awe-inspiring beaches and rich culture, Evia combines the best of the Greek mainland and islands. And best of all, it’s just a short drive from Athens.

The natural beauty of the area has been awarded many times with blue flags and it is no coincidence that most of Mount Telethrio has designated Natura habitat 


The mountain that rises behind the town Aedipsou offers great opportunities for excursions , height 970 meters and many trails through rural roads , trails and pastures natural passages . The mountain is ideal for any kind of sporting activity , from ascents and climbing up bicycles and motor vl.evia offroad team. The view stretches from the seed to the coast and the mainland .


Following a path from Evia to Ilia just outside of Evia is situated Cross. It's easy to find since the name comes from a cross that is located on a hill which rises above it. At this point the mountain walks into the sea and very close to shore observe depths exceeding 200 meters. Biodiversity in point is remarkable and often causes diving.

Not far from Edipsos you can find large extent in forests that reach down, down to the beaches . The North Evia is full green and keeps well all the legacy of Nature has bestowed . This is because it has not reached its limit tourism development , nevertheless it is a matter of time altering This beauty for the sake of cost . Better then to enjoy all the natural beauty that offers us Evia as our circumstances allow .

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