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Founded the monastery officially reported in 1670 and, according to local tradition the 13th century . It is built at a height of 450 meters in Mount purse , with wonderful views over the northern Gulf of Evia .
Near or on an ancient temple of Apollo - Sun built the Christian church . In this position he was the oracle of Apollo Selinountas . The monastery was moved to its current location while the old location of the monastery declares a small chapel dedicated to St. George.

Strong growth experienced in the monastery in the early centuries of life . Following the peculiar system around this ascetic up to 300 monks , living in huts and " kalogerospita ', as local tradition . Who were operated on Sundays and major feasts of the Catholic St. George , cruciform , with ornate temple of the mid 17th century , full of performances and scenes from the Bible and famous icons of the 16th and 17th century .

The monastery suffered several disasters during the Turkish occupation . The biggest attack suffered in 1821 resulting in the destruction of valuable relics and spiritual custody . Was a place of refuge and protection of many Christians and even scientists in the difficult years of the Occupation . It is particularly loved by the inhabitants of the region.

For centuries it was male in 1970 was converted into a female . Today's fraternity and the unwavering support of many pilgrims , renovated and adorned the buildings of the monastery. In recent years , started rebuilding the large new church of St. Polychronia . There hoarded relics of Saints : George Marinis , Mamas and Sunday.

The monastery is open every day for visitors, except midday 2-4 . All you want is Greece

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